Rundle's Mission

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Rundle's Mission Society

Would you like to become a member of The Rundle's Mission Society? If so, click here and go to our Membership page.

The Rundle's Mission Society serves its members through:

  • maintaining and interpreting the Rundle's Mission Historic Site
  • public programming
  • association with other heritage institutions
  • research and publication
  • offering retreat accommodation

As a member, you will be supporting the preservation of this very important historic site for generations to come. The board strives to promote the use of the site for reflection, environmental preservation, education and enjoyment by people of all backgrounds and locations. We are strivintg to improve and maintain our facilities as well as providing the responsible development of the site to better meet the needs of our visitors.

Why become a Member?

  • be involved in activities of local interest
  • receive our informative newsletter on a quarterly basis
  • participate in programs and events at a special members' rate
  • learn more about the history of the Pigeon Lake area
  • support interpretation and programming, sharing knowledge

Committee Opportunities:

Our Aim: As Rundle's Mission Society improves the attactiveness, accessibility and hospitality of its facilities and services, we will reach more people who will grow in appreciatoin of the site, its heritage, and setting.

We have several committees: Programming Committee, Finance Committee, and Marketing Committee.

Programming Committee: Key Duties and Responsibilities

  • To develop program initiatives for the Society towards fully realizing its mission and vision
  • To help the Society realize its service to the community and to its guests and members
  • To develoop initiatives that can potentially create additional revenues for the Society.  

Finance Committee: Key Duties and Responsibilities

  • Recommends policy and processes for the Society's finances
  • Monitoring annual budget and monthly statements
  • Ensuring that the Society's assets are protected and maintained
  • Ensuring annual independent review or audit of statements
  • Active advisor to the Board.

Marketing Committee: Key Duties and Responsibilities

  • Increase profile
  • Appropriate use and revenue of Rundle's Mission (including its facilities and programs)
  • Produce annual (with 3-year outlook) marketing and promotions plan for the Board to review and approve and to implement the approved plan.


If you would like to find out more information about serving on one of these committees, please e-mail us and we will contact you.

Upcoming Events E-Mail List:

Would you like to receive information about upcoming events? Click here to request your name and e-mail address be added to our mailing list. In the subject area include the text "Please add me to your mailing list."

Copy the text below and paste it into your message as the body of your message:

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Rundle's Mission Society was established in 1956 for the purpose of preserving the site of this mission and commemorating the work of Methodist missionaries, such as Robert Rundle, who established the mission and served the region. Early Society activity provided a retreat with living accommodation for church ministers, including the erection of a building for community purposes. In 1965, Rundle's Mission was recognized and dedicated as a National Historic Monument. In November 1997 the two-acre site where early mission buildings and native burial grounds are located was recognized as The Benjamin and Margaret Sinclair Provincial Historic Site. This property is now held by the Government of Alberta but managed by Rundle Mission Society. The research work of the Rev. Dr. Gerald Hutchinson, one of the founders of the Society, is the basis for the interpretive trail through the historic site, built by Society volunteers with assistance from the County of Leduc, Alberta Historic Sites Services, Community Facilities Enhancement Program, the Community Lottery Board and Museums Alberta.

Working on the Lodge
Working on the Lodge
The lodge, built in 1958 received a thorough maintenance job in 2001. Done professionally by Bruce Gainer Log Works, society members had an opportunity to lend a hand.


Rundle's Mission Society holds and owns 23 acres of lakeshore property, with rental facilities including a log lodge built in 1958 by Hobart Dowler and two hospitality houses with accommodation for ten people each. The Board of Rundle's Mission Society works with local contractors to maintain and manage the site. Public programs and events continue to emphasize the mission's origin as a meeting place for the community, the historic significance of the site, and its value as a place for learning and reflection. The Rundle's Mission Society is taking a lead role in developing a regional network of First Nations museums and historic forts and missions toward interpreting the meeting of fur trader, Aboriginal and missionary. A multi-year grant was received from Museums Alberta for this purpose.

The Future

Remaining true to its initial purpose as a "meeting place", the Society works to develop the physical site and programs of Rundle's Mission to provide a desirable and attractive destination for recreation, meetings and heritage learning, for people of all ages. The Society is currently working on a community consultation and master site plan process. To be completed in late 2002, this consultation and plan will articulate the Society's vision for the future, dedicated to the following principles: · Wise stewardship of the facilities, lands and lakeshore held by the Society · Thoughtful and engaging interpretation and preservation of the historic legacy · Community service to the local and regional community Drawing on the strengths of its history and site location, the Rundle's Mission Society operates its facilities on a financially viable basis. As well, we seek to develop relationships with community partners for mutually beneficial purposes for the community.


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